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Who is Liable for Personal Injury Caused by Fireworks?

With Independence Day just around the corner, this is a timely question. Texas residents enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July and no celebration is complete without a brilliant fireworks display. In most cases, these displays proceed smoothly with no injuries and no property damage. However, sometimes tragedy strikes and fireworks may result in one or more injured parties.

The issue of liability is relevant as long as consumers use the fireworks according to their instructions. When consumers misuse fireworks, little can be done to seek compensation. The question for many is what if personal injury occurred even though the user followed the directions to the letter.

As with many other products, a defect in the design or manufacture of fireworks could open the door to a successful legal action against the manufacturer. Further, if personal injury occurs during a public display of fireworks, the company responsible for the show might also be held liable. Finally, the retail establishment that sold the fireworks could be targeted for a liability action.

Defective fireworks can lead to severe if not catastrophic injuries such as eye injuries, third-degree burns and lacerations to the skin. While designed to bring pleasure to spectators, fireworks can become very dangerous products under certain conditions.

To get detailed answers about your unique situation, it is wise to consult with a personal injury attorney. This will provide you with sound advice that is relevant to the details of your case. The point is, if you have suffered personal injury due to negligence or carelessness, you do have several legal options that will empower you to acquire compensation for your injuries.

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