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Tips for Braking Your Vehicle Safely and Under Control

There are a lot of negligent and unskilled Texas vehicle drivers who we have to share the road with every day. One area where Texas drivers may be lacking in this regard relates to safe braking technique.

Here are a few tips for braking safely:

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your anti-lock braking system: ABS brake technology allows you to put your pedal to the medal when braking. If your car starts to skid, the computer engineering quickly lets off the brake pressure for a split second to help you brake as quickly as possible while staying in control.

Never brake and swerve: Anti-lock brakes might not help if you’re taking a sharp turn. If you need brake quickly, you should keep your steering wheel and wheels locked forward. At most, you can gently turn during the braking maneuver to get out of the way of obstacles, but swerving is a guaranteed way to put your car into a spin and lose control. You may actually want to practice intense braking mixed with controlled turning in a safe, wide-open area, as it will help you understand your car and its reaction to your controls better.

Make a habit of using your brakes softly: When you only softly apply your brakes, you save your brake pads and you give other drivers around you time to react. Sometimes safety is not about how quickly you can brake; it’s about how slowly you can brake while avoiding a collision.

Many unskilled Texas drivers are trying their best, but in spite of their efforts to be safe, do not have the right knowledge and experience to prevent and avoid car crashes. Hopefully, this information will help at least a few people stay safer, avoid collisions, and prevent injuries and deaths on our state’s roadways.