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Oil Field Accident Results in Death of Man in West Texas

Oil field jobs pay excellent salaries to the Texas workers they employ. However, with these great salaries also comes risk. Oil field accidents are common, and many workers have lost their lives as a result of these well-paying jobs.

In a recent oil field accident, a man from Raymondville lost his life on a recent Sunday during a tragic incident in west Texas. According to the Upton County Sheriff’s Department, the accident happened at approximately 3:39 p.m. in Rankin.

Investigators have yet to release the exact cause of death. However, what we do know is that the man was found dead at the accident scene.

The owner of the oil field rig, where the accident took place, was Patterson-UTI Drilling. A spokesperson for the company released a statement via CBS 4 News, saying that the company was extending deep condolences to all who have been affected by the accident. The company said that its hearts and prayers are with the victim’s family. Patterson-UTI Drilling said that it is taking the incident seriously, as well as the safety of its facilities.

Following any kind of oil field accident, it’s important that injured workers — and family members of workers who were killed — get answers as to the details of how the accident occurred. This information may be used to support claims for workers’ compensation benefits related to the injuries. In some cases, the information could also support personal injury claims against an at-fault third-party or a negligent employer that could be liable for damages in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits that the worker can pursue.

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