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3 Ways Social Media Use Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media outlets have become invaluable resources people use to connect with friends and family. In most cases, these outlets are used to converse about day-to-day life or to spread news from one person to another. Using social media seems like an enjoyable, harmless practice, but sometimes these outlets can cause or worsen legal problems.

For example, if you have suffered injuries in an accident and are pursuing a personal injury claim, your use of social media could have a negative effect on your case. The sections below explain how this could happen.

In the first example, say you suffered a neck injury in a car accident. If you post about something as harmless as doing your laundry, a defense lawyer could use that post to argue that your injury was not as severe as you say it is.

Secondly, if you say something on social media that appears to go against the personal injury you reported, it could hurt your case. For instance, if you talk about hurting your ankle in the car accident instead of your neck, defense lawyers could say that you are not being honest about your injuries.

Thirdly, using social media to vent your anger or frustration about the person responsible for your injuries could shine a harsh spotlight on you. A defense lawyer could use your negative posts to weaken your personal injury claim.

While it is difficult to give up the social media outlets Texas residents have come to rely on, it might be wise to consider taking a break until your case comes to a conclusion. If nothing else, consider talking with a personal injury attorney about what to say on social media and what not to say.

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