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Inflatable Amusements: Statistics On Injuries

Many fairs or parties have inflatable amusements for the kids to bounce around on. The kids simply remove their shoes and bounce until they are worn out or their time is up.

Inflatable amusements, though, are not without their dangers, most common of which are fractures, strains, sprains and dislocations. Between 2011 and 2013, there were an estimated 47,446 emergency department-treated injuries from inflatable amusements. The moon bounce was the most common inflatable in use when injuries occurred. For all inflatable amusement injuries, 96 percent were treated in the emergency room and released, 3 percent resulted in hospitalization and 1 percent did not have a disposition or left against medical advice.

From January 2003 to December 2013, the Child Product Safety Commission is aware of 12 deaths that involved an inflatable amusement. A moon bounce-style inflatable was involved in four of the deaths, seven involved another type of inflatable and one did not have the inflatable specified. The deaths that occurred in a moon bounce-style inflatable involved head and neck injuries, drowning and suffocation. Inflatable slides were involved in another five deaths, which were caused by traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, blunt traumatic cervical spine injury, pulmonary embolism and drowning. Another death occurred from a fall from an inflatable rock climbing wall. Two more deaths resulted from head injuries.

These amusements are very common during the summer months, but care is needed. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury while playing in an inflatable amusement, you may have recourse to seek compensation for medical bills and more. An attorney can inform you of your legal options.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, “Estimated Number of Injuries and Reported Deaths Associated with Inflatable Amusements, 2003-2013,” accessed July 01, 2016