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Were You Injured by a Da Vinci Robot?

The Da Vinci Robot is a surgical device that performs a number of surgical procedures autonomously with minimal involvement of the actual surgeon. The Da Vinci Robot is touted as a fine-tuned device that allows for more precise and exact surgeries with a minimal amount of invasiveness. However, there have been problems reported pertaining to this device that patients need to know about.

Numerous patients have suffered injuries at the hands of the Da Vinci Robot. These injuries have resulted in surgical error lawsuits, some of which relate to the robot’s failure to let go of the patient’s tissues. Problems can also develop relating to the robot’s surgical tips. When the silicone covers on the tips fall off, patients can suffer burns, organ tissue damage and other serious injuries. Also, some patients have reported failed hysterectomies resulting from improper sutures. There have even been cases of fatal injuries caused by the robot.

The company that builds the Da Vinci surgical robot, Intuitive, says that it hasn’t done anything wrong. However, the company recalled the surgical tips that were formerly used on the devices and ordered new tip covers to be used with the device.

The FDA has issued a warning to Intuitive, saying that the company has not adequately published instances of robot surgical malfunction. The FDA has also instructed the manufacturer to provide better directions on how to safely clean the device to ensure that it is completely free of potential contaminants.

Understanding the risks and danger associated with the Da Vinci Robot is important so that patients know what they’re getting into before they go in for a robotic surgery. Also, patients injured by the Da Vinci Robot should know that they might be able to receive compensation for damages if they pursue a claim for surgical errors in court.