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Victim of Natural Gas Explosion Seeks Justice Against Atmos Energy Corporation

Large pocket of gas may not have been odorized 

WACO, Texas — FEBRUARY 14 — Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones, P.C., filed suit on February 13, 2019 against Atmos Energy Corporation on behalf of a client who suffered severe, debilitating, third degree burns from a natural gas explosion at Coryell County Memorial Hospital on June 26, 2018. State Fire Marshal Investigators concluded that the explosion, which claimed the lives of three workers and severely injured many more, was caused when a large pocket of natural gas supplied by Atmos Energy Corporation ignited. The investigators reported that those working inside the building where the explosion occurred denied smelling natural gas prior to the explosion.

Matt Morrison, a partner at Harrison Davis explained, “long ago, in the wake of deadly explosions, regulators required natural gas to be odorized with a rotten egg smell so that we can easily detect its presence. The fact that construction workers denied smelling what turned out to be a large pocket of natural gas is alarming.” The single most important safety characteristic of natural gas – its rotten egg odor – was absent. “We think the evidence in this case will show Atmos Energy Corporation was responsible for causing the horrific explosion at the CoryellCounty Memorial Hospital that led to our client’s devastating injuries.” Morrison stated.

Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones, P.C. is representing the client along with the Zimmerman Law Firm and Grotefeld Hoffman.

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