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Semi trucks collide on Texas/Oklahoma border

Two tractor-trailers collided on the bridge that stretches across the border between Texas and Oklahoma. Technically, the accident was initiated in Texas, in Cooke County, before the trucks got to the bridge. The force from the crash carried them out onto that bridge so that they entered Love County, Oklahoma.

The accident took place on Interstate 35, at the Red River Bridge. The vehicles were traveling north, and those lanes had to be shut down for a time while authorities responded to the accident and cleared the vehicles out of the way. All of this took place at around 1 a.m. on March 19, but police had to work on the scene until approximately 6 in the morning.

Car seat safety can protect kids on Texas roads

There are many things that drivers in Waco, Texas, can do to keep their families safe on the roads. That includes everything from driving carefully to being very aware of the actions of other drivers in the vicinity. It also includes making sure that the children in your car are as safe and secure as they can be. One of the most important ways of doing that is a strong focus on car seat safety.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration affirmed that half of the children 15 and younger who died in car crashes had been unrestrained at the time. This data was a clarion call to parents and concerned citizens about the need to make sure that all children are safe and secure when traveling in vehicles.

Texas driver dies of injuries from crash on bridge

Any accident on the roads of Texas is dangerous, with the potential for drivers and passengers of the vehicles to suffer injuries. In the worst cases, those injuries may even result in death for one or more individuals. That is what happened in a recent crash in northeast Denton County, Texas.

The accident happened on a recent Wednesday night. According to police, it occurred at around 7:30 p.m. The location was an icy bridge that is a part of U.S. Highway 380 between Paloma Creek and Providence Village. The Little Elm Assistant police chief confirmed that it resulted in U.S. 380's westbound lane being shut down while officers addressed the situation. The Texas Highway Patrol was asked to help block the scene in order to ensure the safety of the ensuing investigation.

Two children hurt in Texas car wreck involving an 18-wheeler

Any car accident will likely involve some damage to at least one vehicle. If someone is injured, especially if that person is child, the tragedy of the accident is compounded. A recent accident involving a passenger car and an 18-wheeler  involved all of these elements, and, unfortunately, resulted in injuries to helpless children who were passengers in the car.

The accident happened on Texas 114 just east of Rhome. It happened shortly before 7 p.m. on a recent evening. A Department of Public Safety trooper confirmed the details about what happened to the press.

Texas cosmetics store car crash causes injuries

People get injured in car accidents every day. This can happen if they are a driver or a passenger, on country roads or city streets and at any time of year. However, it is fair to say that absolutely no one expects to be in a car accident while shopping at a cosmetics store. Yet, that is exactly what happened in Texas recently, when a vehicle hit a building and went straight through a storefront window.

The shoppers at the store, Ulta Beauty, were surprised. They had to scramble to get out of the way as the vehicle came racing in. As they tried to escape its path, the car kept coming into the cosmetics store, winding two car lengths inside. The car was a Buick sedan.

Texas youth dies in tragic motorcycle accident

In a tragic twist of fate, a 17-year-old Texas youth was killed in a motorcycle accident the day after listing it for sale.

Investigators from the Texas Department of Public Safety are still investigating the motorcycle crash. However, it appears that the youth's motorcycle struck an oncoming Hyundai Sonata as the car was began making a left turn on Texas 105. When officials arrived on the scene, the youth was pronounced dead.

An employer might be liable for its employees' negligence

A recent lawsuit illustrates the complexities that can arise in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. 

In the case, the surviving family members of four Texas veterans alleged the operation of a Union Pacific Corp freight train had been negligent. The veterans were killed when their parade float collided with the train.

Defective Airbag May Have Caused Death Of Texas Man

An automotive safety feature that was designed to save lives recently claimed the life of a 35-year-old Texas man.

According to a civil complaint filed by the man's surviving family members, the air bag in the man'€™s 2002 Honda Accord may have unexpectedly inflated and/or exploded. Unfortunately, it may also have sent a piece of metal into the man'€™s neck, inflicting a fatal injury.

Construction Accidents: Dangerous Workplaces Lead To Serious Injuries

The recent bridge collapse of an overpass onto a section of Interstate serves as an important reminder of the potential dangers facing construction workers. Heavy equipment, elevated work surfaces and scaffolding, industrial chemicals and repetitive motions can be a recipe for injuries or even wrongful death unless adequate safety precautions are taken. Even then, an equipment malfunction due to a manufacturer's defect might result in an accident.

In a recent example, a section of an overpass onto an Interstate highway collapsed, killing one construction worker and totaling the front of a semi truck. Although the investigation is ongoing, a preliminary theory is that the accident was due to human error rather than a structural defect.

Will automation lead to safer roads or product liability claims?

As automakers continue to explore autonomous driving features in car designs, consumers may wonder whether these new features will improve safety.  Although computerized systems have the potential to perform consistently, an attorney that focuses on product liability work knows that products continue to injure American consumers each year.

The defect is not always in a product’s design. Sometimes products may cause injury due to a manufacturing defect. Other times, a product may have been inappropriately marketed, leading consumers to believe that a product could perform beyond its actual capabilities.

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