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4 school buses in crash results in 20 injured Temple students

It only takes a split-second for an accident to occur. It can involve one person or more than 100. A recent accident involving four Temple ISD school buses and a semi-truck involved about 100 Temple ISD students.

The accident happened on this past Friday night as the students were on their way to Bryan for a playoff game. The students included those in band, ROTC, cheerleading and Kittens. According to a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, one of the buses clipped a mirror on a flatbed trailer truck. The driver of the bus then started braking, which ended up in a chain reaction collision.

Are safety belts made with children in mind?

You've probably heard many times that you should make sure your children are buckled up when they get in the car. This is very good advice and should always be followed. However, it's important to note that safety belts are not designed with kids in mind. Rather, they have been made for use by full-grown adults.

What this means is that you need extra devices to make it so that the belts actually work. If your child is under two years old, it is recommended that you use a car seat. This can be belted into the seat itself, and then the child can be belted into the car seat. For kids this young, rear-facing seats should be used.

Medications like Zofran can cause birth defects

All birth defects are not random, the product of chance or a botched delivery. If you take certain medications while you are pregnant, your child could be born with a birth defect that could have easily been avoided. One example of a medication that can cause this to happen is Zofran.

Typically, Zofran is a drug that is given to those who have cancer and who are undergoing treatment. The type of treatment could vary, including radiation therapy, cancer chemotherapy and surgery. The goal of the medication is to make these treatments more bearable by preventing feelings of nausea in the patient.

Ford Motor company sued by widow of accident victim

There have been many recalls issued involving vehicles in the last few months. Many of the recalls have been issued after serious injuries or death has occurred to drivers and their passengers. A woman in Texas has filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company alleging negligence by the automaker resulted in her husband's death in an accident on Jan. 21 of this year.

According to the lawsuit, the man was in South Dakota in a 2006 Ford F250 when he lost control of the truck. That resulted in the truck skidding, going through a ditch and rolling over. The man was wearing a his "three-point restraint system," according to the court documents; however, he still suffered injuries that proved to be fatal.

What personal protective wear is available to motorcyclists?

Fall has brought rain and much cooler temperatures for much of the United States. While some motorcyclists have decided to garage their bikes until the warmer weather reappears, there are some bikers who ride year-round. Having the right personal protective gear is imperative as the days get shorter, just as it can be during the warmer months of the year.

When it comes to preparing to ride in cold weather, one of the most important things a rider can do is layer his or her clothing. Each layer that is added can help the body stay warm by adding insulation. An outer layer that is windproof will help keep out that bitter wind that often comes in the fall.

General Motors recalls 3,300 trucks and sports utility vehicles

When you buy a product in the United States, you expect it to work as it is advertised. Sometimes, that isn't what happens. A defective product can cause injury or even death through no fault of the end user at all. General Motors has already agreed last month to pay approximately $900 million in a settlement regarding defective ignition switches in cars. Now the company is recalling 3,300 large pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles that have a similar problem.

The diameter of the ignition lock gear has an outer diameter that is larger than it has been allowed in specifications to be. This makes it hard for the trucks and SUVs to turn on correctly. The key can actually get stuck in the start position, especially when the truck is too hot inside. As it cools, it jumps to the "accessory" position and, if the truck jostles even a little bit and it is driven this way, things can happen that may endanger the driver and passengers of this vehicle.

How you can reduce the chance of truck accidents

An accident involving a semi-truck and a smaller vehicle almost always end with serious injuries or deaths. There's simply too much of a size and weight difference between the two vehicles. Many drivers aren't sure how to drive safely around 18-wheelers. With a few tips on safety, though, more motorists can learn to how to be more aware and drive safely around big trucks.

-- Truckers need a lot of room, and crowding a truck can lead to a disaster. If a truck has a tire blowout, your vehicle can be hit by large pieces of rubber. It's also likely that the truck will start to swerve after a tire blowout.

Is drowsy driving truly a danger?

Many drivers can probably relate to a poll taken by the National Sleep Foundation, as their results showed that approximately 168 million drivers, or 60 percent of licensed adults, admitted to driving while drowsy at least once in the year preceding the poll.

An astounding 37 percent even admitted to falling asleep while driving, with 13 percent reporting doing so at least one time every month. Perhaps not so surprising, 4 percent confessed to having a near-miss or collision attributed to their being too sleepy to safely pilot their vehicle.

Injuries to a child require special consideration

When your child is injured, your top priority is getting medical care for your child. Once you know more about your child's injuries, your thoughts might turn to other things, such as seeking compensation. Seeking compensation for a child's injuries isn't always as straightforward as seeking compensation for an adult's injuries. We can help you learn about how to determine the compensation you should seek for your child's injuries.

One factor that comes into the picture when dealing with a child's injury is where the injury occurred. If the injury occurred on someone else's property, the concept of an attractive nuisance might apply. In that case, we work to prove the elements necessary for a case based on that concept. Cases involving swimming pool injuries, swing set injuries and other similar injuries might involve the concept of an attractive nuisance.

Tips for motorcycle drivers in inclement weather

With the end of summer comes the end of riding season for some motorcyclists. Other riders, however, never winterize their bikes and continue to ride in the cold weather. When inclement weather comes on, though, there are a few tips that can help a motorcyclist arrive at his or her destination safely. Below are several fall and winter riding tips:

-- Layer clothing. Obviously when the temperature begins to fall, warmer clothes are needed. However, layering clothing will help give you more warmth while helping to wick away moisture from your skin. Cold weather gloves and boots are a must. There are also riding suits with built in heaters should the temperature drop below freezing.

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