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Child safety on roads should be a primary focus

For parents and government alike, child safety on the nation's roads should be viewed as fundamental. Of course, for most parents, it already is. Fortunately, the government is now redoubling its efforts. If you join in with this effort, you can help keep kids safe as they travel throughout the country.

A recent research report by the organization Safe Kids Worldwide established that in the United States and in countries around the world, the leading cause of death for children ages 5 to 19 is road traffic injuries. This statistic inspired the current drive to increase safety for children on the roads.

Your rights after closed or penetrating brain injuries

A severe Traumatic Brain Injury can lead to death or a disability that will last a lifetime. This is more common that you may realize, as 2.5 million people suffered from these types of injuries in 2010. When looking at injury-related deaths, it's estimated that about 30 percent of all people who pass away have a TBI.

That said, if you're injured in Texas and diagnosed with a TBI, you may have the right to seek financial compensation. After all, these injuries could leave you needing care for the rest of your life, and you could lose the ability to work. Both have a drastic financial impact that must be addressed.

Common injuries from trampolines

Trampolines can be a lot of fun for your children. However, as a parent, it's important for you to know that there are a lot of injuries that can take place on the trampoline. This is true even when it is used correctly and when you use additional safety equipment. This can include a net that goes around the trampoline and keeps people from accidentally jumping off of it.

One of the most common injuries is a broken bone, usually in a wrist, arm or leg. For minor breaks, a cast may be all that is needed. However, major breaks and compound fractures could mean that your child needs surgery to reset the bone so that it can heal.

Helmets help prevent springtime motorcycle injuries

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center has a first-hand view of the changes in accident trends depending on the season. Many motorcycle riders who keep their bikes in all winter will get them back out in the spring, and accident numbers tend to soar. This comes from just having more bikes on the road, of course, but other contributing factors could include riders who are a bit rusty after a winter off and drivers of other motor vehicles who are simply not used to looking for motorcycles.

According to the trauma center, this spike in injuries is very abrupt and very consistent. Every year, there is a jump of about 50 percent. Other recreational vehicles, like four-wheelers and All Terrain Vehicles may also send in more accident victims as the weather warms up.

What do you need to know about child restraint re-use?

One of the most important safety considerations for parents' vehicles is the set of child safety seats and related restraints that they use to ensure that their daughters and sons are secure. Parents often wonder if those items are safe to reuse if they have been in a minor accident.

Here are some answers to when it is alright to reuse safety seats and restraints after having been in an accident. If all of these criteria are met, it may be safe to reuse them. Of course, they should be looked over by a professional first just to be sure so you can completely confident.

Tactics for securing a truck's cargo

As a general rule, the cargo in every truck on the road must be firmly secured so that it cannot shift or move during transportation. This can be done with bars, tiedowns, dunnage, dunnage bags and other types of devices. It's about more than just keeping the products in the truck, but about ensuring that they won't shift, causing a weight imbalance that could lead to an accident.

As noted, there are many tactics for doing this, with the most common being tiedowns. These are heavy straps that often have a ratchet system in the middle and two hooks in each end. The hooks can be inserted into anchor points in the truck, and then the strap can be ratcheted down until it is incredibly tight. This system allows for a far more secure hold than ropes.

Listeria a cause of food recalls

Recently, Blue Bell ice cream company recalled more than two dozen products after they were linked to illness caused by a deadly bacteria called listeria. This has many people wondering about the bacteria. Here are the answers to a few questions.

What should you do if you are in a car accident?

Getting into a crash of any kind while driving on the roads is a scary prospect. If you drive carefully and pay close attention to your surroundings, you can minimize the chance of that happening. However, if it happens in spite of your best efforts, you can at least handle any accident you may be in as well as possible.

First, any injuries need to be addressed. Call an ambulance when needed for injured parties in either car. If the only injuries are minor and do not require medical treatment, then you'll need to continue with the next steps.

When defective toys hurt your children

Defective products can be dangerous to anyone. A defective set of brakes could lead you to a catastrophic car accident; a defective ladder could cause you to fall while painting the house or cleaning out the gutters. But what about defective toys? Could they pose the same type of danger for your children?

The reality is that they absolutely can, and children are hurt every single year while playing with toys that parents assumed were perfectly safe. Things like bikes or scooters can be the most dangerous. Yes, bikes come with warning labels, and your child knows there is the danger of a crash, but, just like your car, issues with the brakes could cause an accident even when the bike is being used safely.

Semi trucks collide on Texas/Oklahoma border

Two tractor-trailers collided on the bridge that stretches across the border between Texas and Oklahoma. Technically, the accident was initiated in Texas, in Cooke County, before the trucks got to the bridge. The force from the crash carried them out onto that bridge so that they entered Love County, Oklahoma.

The accident took place on Interstate 35, at the Red River Bridge. The vehicles were traveling north, and those lanes had to be shut down for a time while authorities responded to the accident and cleared the vehicles out of the way. All of this took place at around 1 a.m. on March 19, but police had to work on the scene until approximately 6 in the morning.

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