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Even when fault in an accident seems clear, consult an attorney

Even in the wake of a tragedy as deadly as the recent crash involving five Texas A&M students, insurance carriers may have their own interests in mind.

According to preliminary reports, five Texas A&M students were headed westbound on State Highway 105 East when an approaching pickup truck crossed the centerline. Although the students swerved in an attempt to avoid a collision, the two vehicles collided head-on.

Texas motorcycle accidents may be on the rise

A recent motorcycle accident involving a 43-year-old Waco man remains under investigation. When authorities arrived on the scene, there were no other vehicles around. To rule out foul play, authorities have enlisted the help of their accident reconstruction team. It’s unclear whether a hit-and-run may factor into this tragedy.

In a recent post, we explored motorcycle crash data. The numbers tell a sobering tale. According to data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, nearly 500 motorcyclists were involved in fatal crashes in 2013, representing a five percent increase from the previous year. However, the state DPS is also doing its part to contribute to road safety. 

Does an auto defect give rise to legal liability?

For many prospective car buyers, safety features are an important factor in their decision-making process. Carmakers have responded to that consumer demand by including safety features in their advertisements. Yet when a product does not work the way it was advertised, does a consumer have any legal rights?

A personal injury attorney that focuses on product liability lawsuits knows that answer to be yes. Products that cause injury due to a design defect may subject the manufacturer to liability. In addition, a carmaker that has notice of a dangerous or defective car part but fails to timely issue an auto recall could also find itself facing liability. 

Tips for driving safely during winter months

As local readers know, Waco, Texas almost never gets snow. However, it does average about 36 inches of rain per year. In addition, temperatures in Waco can drop to the low 30s during January and February. As careful drivers know, rain and temperatures close to the freezing point can be a deadly combination. 

Winter road conditions in Waco may be better than in many other parts of the country. Nevertheless, a recent motor vehicle accident serves as a reminder to use caution and monitor road conditions closely during the next few weeks. 

Are motorcyclists more at risk than other drivers?

In a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle, the motorcyclist seldom comes out ahead. Motorcyclists may take extra precautions, such as wearing a helmet and defensive driving. Special training and licensing may also improve safety and reduce the chance of a motorcycle accident. However, the sheer mass of other vehicles on the road can create forces of impact that inflict devastating damage and injuries to motorcycles and their riders.

Notably, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that motorcycles accounted for 15 percent of traffic fatalities in the United States in 2012, despite comprising only 3 percent of the registered vehicles in that year. NHTSA data also indicates that a disproportionate number of motorcycle riders are also involved in alcohol-related fatal crashes, compared to other intoxicated drivers. A recent story provides context. 

Texting and driving: Are Texan drivers guilty?

According to the data compiled by the Governors Highway Safety Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to highway safety issues, 14 states and the District of Columbia currently prohibit the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. In all of those jurisdictions, the laws are primary enforcement, which means that an officer may pull over a driver and issue a citation solely on that basis.

An even higher number of states prohibit texting while driving. The GHSA puts the number at 44, plus the District of Columbia. Of those states, 39 have primary enforcement laws against this form of distracted driving. 

Halloween safety: more than just refusing candy from strangers

Parents go to great lengths to ensure their children will be safe, and Halloween is no exception. However, a recent article reminds us that this annual night of scary costumes and tasty candy can also result in child injuries -- unless precautions are taken.

Although readers of this blog might be expecting a warning about accepting Halloween candy from strangers, data from the National Highway Safety Administration indicates that there may be a greater danger on this holiday: drunk driving. In comparison to the surrounding days, the frequency of fatal drunk driving crashes spikes on Halloween. In addition, drunk drivers also claim the lives of more pedestrians on Halloween, accounting for around 20 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents. 

Safety simulation educates teens about drunk driving dangers

Students at a local Texas school recently played an interactive part in a drunk driving safety campaign, appropriately timed for National Teen Driver Safety Week. 

Specifically, the students attempted to maneuver a push-pedal go-kart around cones, but with a handicap: custom goggles designed to simulate the level of impairment that may affect a drunk driver’s vision. Not surprisingly, most were unsuccessful. Representatives from Texas A&M University’s Texas Transportation Institute were also on hand during the simulation. 

Are spinal injuries harder to prove in a personal injury case?

A multi-car accident has left a Texas man with spinal injuries, according to his claims in a personal injury lawsuit.

Specifically, the victim claims that the defendant negligently crashed into his vehicle headfirst while attempting a left turn. The authorities that responded to the scene cited the driver for multiple traffic violations, including failing to yield and driving without a valid license.

Is the recall enough? Taking another look at the G.M. debacle

The product recall involving 2.6 million General Motors vehicles with an ignition switch defect continues to be a subject of controversy -- and tragedy.

By one estimate, there are still hundreds of thousands of GM cars subject to the recall on the road. The cars have a potentially faulty ignition switch that could shut off during operation. The sudden loss of power to the brakes, steering and air bags could present a serious danger of losing control of the vehicle.

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