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This Memorial Day, avoid common holiday hazards

Whether you have a road trip planned or intend to stay close to home, chances are you are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend ahead.

Many people consider this holiday to be the unofficial kickoff to summer, but Memorial Day can also serve as a good time to remind people of some seasonal hazards that have the potential to cause serious injury.

You thought you escaped the effects of asbestos -- until now

People once viewed asbestos as a wonder material. This naturally occurring group of minerals was fire, heat and chemical resistant. It also didn't conduct electricity. Because of these and other properties, numerous industries, such as construction, mining and manufacturing, used it, often in large quantities. Products containing asbestos were everywhere and people in numerous industries here in Texas and elsewhere worked with products that contained the material.

Then, sometime before the late 1970s, researchers discovered that exposure to asbestos fibers and dust caused life-threatening and life-altering medical conditions such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. The problem was, and is, that it could take anywhere from 10 to 40 years before these illnesses appear. You may have known that your job exposed you to asbestos, but since you didn't get sick, you felt you had dodged a bullet. That is, until now, when you went to the doctor and received a diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness.

Study suggests post-approval safety problems come up for many drugs

A drug receiving approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t mean that no new safety issues will come up regarding the drug after its release. In fact, a recent study indicates that post-release safety problems are actually pretty common among FDA-approved medications.

The study looked at 222 prescription drugs that received FDA approval. These drugs were approved between 2001 and 2010. They make up all the prescription drugs approved over that period.

When taking a powder poses a cancer risk, it's a problem

If you think back to your high school chemistry class, you likely remember memorizing various combinations of elements, chemicals or minerals during your studies. For instance, if someone asks you what you get when you mix magnesium, oxygen and silicon together, you might say, "talc." Talc is an element commonly used to make products, such as powder. Manufacturers have used talc-based products for decades; in fact, many parents in Texas use such products on their babies' skin too keep them soft and dry.

You might have heard that using talcum powder can increase your risk for certain types of disease. Since this is such a staple household product throughout the nation, it's logical to assume that such statements would be alarming to many consumers. Preventing injury and/or illness from defective or inadequately labeled products is typically easiest when those who use them arm themselves ahead of time with as much information as possible.

Man who caused church bus crash alleged to have been intoxicated

It has been determined that the 20-year-old man, alleged to have been responsible for causing a March 29 church bus crash in Uvalde County, Texas, not only was on prescription drugs at the time of the accident, but also in possession of marijuana as well. The nationally-publicized collision between the man's pickup truck and the New Braunfels First Baptist Church minibus killed 13 of the 14 passengers aboard it.

Making a claim for damages sustained as a result of an accident

If you happen to have been injured in an auto or some other type of accident as a result of another individual's negligence, then most likely you're entitled to some type of compensation for the injuries you suffered. While having health insurance and accrued sick leave can help mitigate some of costs associated with your involvement in the accident, the inconvenience it causes for both you and your loved ones adds up. And, in the absence of health insurance, costs can add up even faster.

Although most think of injuries one might suffer as a result of the accident itself, there are aftereffects as well. Among the damages you might be able to readily tie into an accident having occurred are disfigurement or permanent disability, future medical expenses, a loss of wages or earning capacity and medical costs. Others require much more of a contextual explanation for doing so.

Making sense of the causes and rates of trucking accident deaths

According to recent trucking safety statistics released by the American Trucking Association (ATA), between the years of 1980 and 2015, fatal accidents involving large trucks decreased from 5,042 to 3,598 annually, a reduction of over 32 percent. That marks a decrease in the amount of type accidents from 4.65 to 1.29 fatal crashes per 100 million miles driven by truckers each year, a reduction of approximately 74 percent.

The ATA also found that of all types of vehicle crashes, truckers have 29 percent less of a chance to become involved in accidents than do other types of vehicles on the road. At the same time, when accidents do occur, they found that large trucks have a incidence rate of being struck in the rear, causing another's death, by more than 3 times that of other vehicles.

Proper restraint of your child thought to reduce car crash deaths

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every hour of every day across this country, some 150 children between the ages of 0 and 19 receive treatment in an emergency room for injuries they suffered in a car crash. In an even more alarming statistic, of all children between the age of 5 and 19, injuries suffered in car crashes rank highest among any other risk factors for young people's deaths.

Not properly restraining your child in a car seat, booster seat or ensuring they are secured in the car using a seat belt are all thought to be responsible for the largest amount of car crash fatalities. Given that this is the case, it is thought that following prescribed safety guidelines can have a significant impact in reducing traffic-related deaths.

How decisions regarding toy safety labels are made

When a child receives a new toy, it takes very little time for them to rip into its package and begin playing with it. While, as parents, we want to reward our children and for them to be excited to play with the toys we give them, we have to balance those sentiments with being cautious.

Warning labels, despite having existed on a product's packaging for decades, are not all that different from a warning sign posted on a piece of land. It warns consumers of the dangers associated with playing with a particular product. While many warnings are read and heeded by customers, many are not. Some warning labels are either incomplete or inaccurate as well.

Is surgery effective in treating traumatic brain injury?

Nobody wants to suffer a traumatic brain injury, but if this does happen, it's good to know one thing: There are a variety of treatment strategies that have been proven effective.

While not always the case, there are times when a traumatic brain injury is best treated with surgery. This can be a scary situation, but it is often the best way to treat a brain injury. Here are some of the problems surgery can correct:

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