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Fighting for Justice Amidst a Pandemic

When COVID-19 first started making headlines in 2020, few of us had any idea what the full impact of the virus would be on our daily lives. Like most other people, attorneys could never have imagined how drastically our business was about to change.

As many Americans began facing shelter-in-place orders, all of us were cautioned to avoid close contact with people outside of our immediate families. For lawyers, this meant a swift and unexpected end to court hearings, jury trials, depositions, staff meetings, bar association gatherings, mediations, settlement conferences, and in-person conversations with prospective and current clients that are a vital part of our everyday practice. Meanwhile, millions of parties to millions of lawsuits across the nation were left to wonder when they would get their chance at justice.

Very quickly, the entire legal profession learned just how dependent on technology practicing law has become. Luckily, at Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones, our lawyers have been litigating across Texas and the nation for years. Which means in order to give our clients the level of personal service that has become a hallmark of our firm, we’ve long been early adopters of technologies that allow for virtual meetings and the ability to securely and confidently conduct business from almost anywhere.

Consequently, as courts began allowing online hearings and oral arguments, we were ready to dive in without the need to purchase, upgrade, or learn how to use new technology or equipment. Moreover, many of our existing clients were also well acquainted with these systems, giving us yet another advantage over less prepared firms. Along with our vast network of court reporters, expert witnesses, and support professionals that were ready and able to quickly adapt the “new normal” of conducting business from afar.

While our firm certainly couldn’t have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel fortunate that we had the resources and capabilities to seamlessly transition and continue working on behalf of our clients from the beginning of the shutdown. Like all Americans, we grieve for those who have lost loved ones and we honor the frontline workers who have risked so much caring for them. As of this writing, cases continue to surge in some states, including our home state of Texas. So, while we can’t predict what will happen next, and when – or if – things will ever go back to the way they were, our clients can rest assured knowing we’re as committed and capable as ever of fighting for the real justice and real results they deserve.

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