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Representing Texas Businesses In Legal Disputes

At Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones PC, we represent Texas businesses in a wide array of legal disputes. If your company is facing a business-related disagreement, our team of legal professionals will help you assess and analyze the situation to pinpoint your legal rights — and the most appropriate strategy you can employ in defense of those rights.

Are you facing a business to business legal challenge?

The following are examples of cases our firm regularly takes on:

Breach of contract claims: Perhaps the construction contractor you hired did not complete the job within the specified deadline and you have the right to pay the contractor less for the job. Maybe a company failed to deliver supplies on time as per the delivery contract, and your business has lost a great deal of money as a result.

Partnership disputes: When you go into partnership with another person or business, you will likely sign agreements that govern this partnership. These agreements may dictate who is responsible for paying certain business expenses. They may also dictate how much income each partner is entitled to take from business profits. If one or the other partners falls into disagreement about these or other issues relating to the partnership, it may be necessary to resolve the matter in court — or via an out-of-court settlement agreement.

Tortious interference with a business interest or contract: Imagine that your business signed a purchasing contract to buy another company. However, a third party — even though it has been advised of your purchasing contract — attempts to undermine the deal. This could be a violation of the law.

Resolve Your Business Litigation Matter Now

Business disputes may relate to an agreement your company had with another business to provide a specific service, deliver goods, complete a construction job or some other kind of relationship. Alternatively, your company might be accused of breaching a contract by another firm. Whatever your business dispute happens to be, a Texas business litigation attorney can help you try to resolve the matter in an out of court agreement, or represent you in litigating the dispute in court.