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Hip Implant Injury Litigation in Texas

As we grow older, different parts of our bodies may wear out and stop functioning. In some cases, the worn out body parts can be replaced — like in the case of hip implants. However, there can be complications associated with hip implants that doctors don’t always tell us about. If you have been injured by a faulty hip implant, you might be entitled to pursue financial compensation in court.

Due to the numerous complications associated with different brands of hip implants, several manufacturers withdrew their hip implants from the market. One of these manufacturers was Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Orthopaedics, which took the ASR hip implant off the market in 2010.

One of the biggest problems with hip implants — especially metal ones — is that friction can result in metallic fragments being released into the bloodstream. This can cause a condition referred to as “metallosis” which may result in blood poisoning, severe pain and swelling.

More than 10,000 lawsuits have been initiated against Depuy Orthopaedics. Other faulty hip implant manufacturers — like Stryker and Biomet — have been heavily targeted in medical device liability lawsuits as well. These manufacturers may be liable to compensate patients related to their injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, surgical costs, legal costs and other categories of damages.

Did you or a loved one receive a faulty hip implant that has resulted in numerous painful and costly medical complications? A Texas medical device liability attorney can review the facts pertaining to your injuries and the implant that was used in your case, and help you explore your legal rights and options.

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