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Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones Takes On “Big Pharma” In Opioid Epidemic

A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of McLennan County aims to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the opioid epidemic. The lawsuit was recently covered on Fox 44 News.

“The claims against them are for not telling the truth about the addiction nature of the drugs as well as the harms and hazards that they could cause,” said Matt Morrison, attorney at Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones Law Firm.

Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones attorneys Matt Morrison and Zollie Steakley are partnering with another firm in the lawsuit which seeks to compensate for any losses as a result of the epidemic.

The opioid epidemic has hit McLennan County hard. The numbers are staggering; in McLennan County , there were 77 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people which, according to the CDC, is much higher than the state and national averages. Opioid deaths in the county also exceeded state averages.