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Ford Recalls Vehicles for Automatic Window Safety Problems

When a passenger is riding in your car, he or she may want to use the automatic windows to put the window up or down. As the driver, you might also operate the windows without realizing that someone’s arm or hand is in the door. If you or someone else tries to raise an automatic window, however, and there’s a hand or head in the way, the window will automatically reverse without causing a serious injury once it feels the obstacle.

The problem is, Ford Motor Company manufactured certain vehicles in late 2017 that have faulty window sensors. The auto-reverse function on some of the rear windows of Lincoln Navigators and Ford Expeditions may not function properly, so Ford has recalled certain models of these vehicles built in its Kentucky Truck Plant in November and December 2017.

According to Ford, the vehicles have the wrong electronic components installed in them. The power-operated in windows in these cars fail to automatically reverse. Fortunately, the automaker claims that no injuries or accidents have been reported relating to these defective and potentially dangerous vehicles.

A total of 363 vehicles were recalled. Nearly all of the vehicles — except two that are in Canada — were in the United States. Ford says that their dealerships can inspect and replace affected window components to ensure that the vehicles are safe.

For Texas residents who have suffered injuries in an automatic window accident, legal options could exist to pursue financial compensation for the costs related to medical care. Every case is different, however, so each must be closely examined on its individual merits before deciding whether it’s appropriate to pursue such a legal action in court.

Source:, “Ford Issues Recall For Expedition, Navigator,” Jan. 19, 2018