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Child Bath Seats are Dangerous: Don’t Use Them

It seems like every other day a clever inventor has created something to make the lives of parents and their small children easier. However, when an item is created that hasn’t been used for years and years, the inventor and customers might not be noticing real dangers associated with the product.

Let’s take child bath seats, for example. A bath seat is a way for parents to solve the hassle of their child continuing to flip over in the bathtub. The bath seat, affixed to the bottom of the tub with suction cups, gets your child to stay upright, so you can bathe him or her easier. The danger, however, lies in the chance that the bath seat will tip over.

Just because there are suction cups on the bottom of the bath seat doesn’t mean it’s going to stay where it is. If your child tips over, he or she could drown — even in one tiny inch of water. Parents would normally be attentive to their child when he or she is bathing, but it’s best to avoid the dangers of bath seats altogether.

Here’s an excellent alternative to a bath seat: the baby bathtub. A baby bath tub is what you can use until your child is ready to take a bath on his or her own. The baby bathtub — rather than a tiny seat that sits in the tub — is a tiny bathtub that sits in your larger bathtub. The baby bathtub saves parents water, and it allows babies to take their baths more safely, without the risk of inadvertently drowning.

If your child was seriously injured by a defective or dangerous bath seat, a personal injury lawyer can provide information about pursuing a claim for financial restitution and justice.