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A Law Firm Ready, Willing, & Able To Take On The Fight

The truth about high-stakes litigation and mass tort cases is that not every law firm is equipped to handle them. It’s not because those law firms aren’t made up of outstanding lawyers. The problem is that these large multiple plaintiff and catastrophic injury cases require resources that many law firms do not have at their disposal. Harrison Davis has:

Ability To Assume The Risk:
  • Generally speaking, if a law firm doesn’t win or negotiate a favorable settlement, that firm doesn’t get compensated. That’s a financial risk most firms can’t take.
Sufficient War Chest To Fund The Litigation:
  • There are significant costs involved in litigating personal injury cases. Most plaintiffs (and many lawyers) don’t have the liquid funds to front the costs of hiring experts, filing briefs and standing up to corporate defendants with endless resources.
  • Harrison Davis has a large, fully trained, permanent staff that give us the muscle to handle every case that comes through our door.
Skilled Trial Lawyers:
  • These types of cases tend to be extremely complicated, requiring millions of pages of documents be reviewed and hundreds of exhibits prepared. Only an experienced trial attorney can competently present all of this material in a way that enhances the plaintiffs’ opportunity for success.
Highly Qualified Experts:
  • The outcome of a large plaintiff case is highly dependent on the competence of a party’s expert witnesses. At Harrison Davis, we have represented thousands of individuals in several key areas and have a vast network of qualified experts that we can immediately tap to help bolster our clients’ cases.

This Is Who We Are

Highly skilled, experienced trial attorneys trusted by clients, judges, co-counsel, and referring attorneys alike.

A group of attorneys dedicated to spending real face time with the real individuals who choose us to represent them when real consequences are on the line.

A law firm sufficiently capitalized to fund even the largest litigation matters, with its own private jet that gets our attorneys where they need to be without the delays occasioned by commercial air travel.

Most importantly, Harrison Davis is a law firm founded on integrity, and our commitment to our clients and helping them fight for the justice they deserve.

Maximized Results | Key Numbers


Referral & Co-counsel fees paid since 2000


Referral & Co-counsel fees paid since 2014


Verdicts & settlements for fire, explosion, & transportation individual injury or death cases
(Does not include mass tort)


Number of asbestos clients represented


Number of medical device clients represented


Number of medical drug clients represented

The results and key numbers data above is current as of December 2019.

What This Means To You

You can rest easy knowing that our attorneys and other professional staff members are highly-skilled, highly-experienced, and highly qualified both in litigating mass cases and in taking them to trial. We have access to the best experts in the world on nearly every type of case imaginable. And, perhaps most importantly, we will treat your clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.


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