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Talc Powder Cases

A Product Used Every Day…

Many women use talcum powder as part of their daily routine. As one woman states in a Bloomberg article on the use of Johnson & Johnson talc powder: “I was raised up on it … [it] was to help you stay fresh and clean. We ladies have to take care of ourselves. It was as normal as using toothpaste or deodorant.” Millions of women throughout the United States share this thought, and they have used talc powder on their undergarments or on their genital areas because they believed it was hygienic.

… Hides A Secret Danger

Unfortunately, many of these women have subsequently developed ovarian cancer. This fact tends to shock people, because they want to believe that the products they use every day are safe and properly tested. When the woman quoted in the Bloomberg article above found out she had cancer and that it was likely linked to talc powder, her son wondered how that could happen to her: “It has to be safe. It’s put on babies. It’s been around forever. Why haven’t we heard about any ill effects?”

The reason that no one had heard anything about the dangers of talc was that Johnson & Johnson, the company that profits from people buying the powder, had ignored warning signs of the talc-cancer link for decades.

Seeking Justice – It’s Time

Today, armed with better toxicology reporting and after uncovering decades’ worth of negligence, it is time to stand up to the company and hold it accountable. Thousands of cases have already been filed against Johnson & Johnson by those who have been diagnosed with cancer and those who have lost loved ones to ovarian cancer linked to talc powder, but now it’s your turn to seek justice.

If you or a loved one has suffered from cancer with a possible connection to Johnson & Johnson’s talc powder, Harrison Davis can help. We have obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts in a wide range of similar defective product/medical device cases, including helping obtain a $502 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson. Our compassionate staff and experienced attorneys can help you understand whether you have a case and, if you do, its likelihood of success. We will stand by your side throughout the entire legal process, ensuring that you have a dedicated advocate to help you stand up against the large, profit-driven company that harmed you.

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