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Are you knee deep in pain?

If you remember hearing your grandfather talk about his bum knee, you may connect that with memories of him being unable to play ball with you in the yard or walk beside you while you rode your bike. You may remember him groaning in pain if he needed to pick something off the floor or stand up from his chair.

Sometimes, the treatment is worse than the disease

You go to doctors to find relief from physical and mental ailments. In many cases, a medication can provide you with the relief you need in order to move forward with your life. Just about every medication has side effects, but doctors often weigh the risk against the benefit you receive.

What’s the deal with asbestos? Why is it so dangerous?

Perhaps 10 or 30 years ago (or more), you worked in an industry that used a substantial amount of asbestos. At the time, you may not have given much thought to the clouds of dust you worked in on a regular basis. Maybe you’re an immediate family member of someone who worked under these conditions. If so, you may be at risk for an asbestos-related illness.

Your hip replacement did not leave you dancing for joy

When the pain in your hip became unbearable, you finally went to the doctor who determined that the joint was deteriorating. Your physician may have scheduled you for surgery right away, and you began the long, painful process of recovering from hip replacement surgery. This may have included wound treatment, medication and hours of physical therapy to learn how to use your new joint.

Your loved one is gone. Will life ever be normal, again?

The day you received the phone call that informed you of your loved one's death may have started out like any other Texas day. In fact, up until the moment you heard the person's words on the other end of the phone line, you may have been carrying out any number of usual tasks, such as going to work, taking out the garbage or making supper for your family. The moment you heard the words, "There's been a serious accident," however, you knew your life was forever changed.

Suffering with transvaginal mesh problems? You have options

The implantation of any medical device is a serious procedure, one that can come with a variety of surgical and post-operative complications. Sadly, some Texas patients may be unaware of how these devices could impact their health and well-being until after the surgery is complete.

The problem with polypropylene mesh for pelvic organ prolapse

Medical device manufacturers originally intended polypropylene mesh for abdominal hernias. Then, over a decade ago, the notion that it could provide a suitable treatment for pelvic organ prolapse arose. Surgeons implanted the material, but the surge in cases using this product caused manufacturers to rethink its use.

Asbestos exposure and your rights as a victim

Asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause serious health problems for individuals exposed to it. Because of its resistance to heat and fire, manufacturers and builders commonly used this material in a variety of products ranging from everything to car parts to building materials.

Big rigs, big collisions, big problems

Do you get nervous when you're driving on a busy Texas highway and tractor-trailers are soaring past you? If so, you're definitely not alone in your unrest; in fact, some drivers say they're utterly terrified of these big rigs and will often take alternate routes if it means they can avoid them. Although many tractor-trailer drivers adhere to the strict regulations that govern the commercial operations of such vehicles, it's the ones who don't that place you at greatest risk for injury.

Superbug deaths linked to contaminated endoscopes

You made your appointment; you wrote it on the calendar. Perhaps you already went to the drug store and purchased the many items your Texas doctor suggested to prepare for the big day: your colonoscopy. Whether this is your first procedure or you are a pro, it is never a pleasant experience. Now, there may be even more reasons to dread having a colonoscopy or any internal examination that uses a scope device.

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