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What are the dangers of drug-coated stents?

A stent is a medical device -- essentially a plastic or metal tube -- that doctors permanently place within a blood vessel or artery. This device helps the artery stay open if atherosclerosis has resulted in a buildup of plaque along the arterial wall. Some stents are coated with drugs that allegedly prevent the scarring of the artery as a result of the stent procedure. So far, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two primary drug-coated stent devices for manufacture, sale and use in patients.

The two FDA-approved stents are the Cypher Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent, made by a division of Johnson & Johnson, Cordis Corporation (a division of Johnson & Johnson), and the Taxus Express Paclitaxel-Eluting Coronary Stent System, made by Boston Scientific Corporation. There are other drug-coated stents that have been approved by the FDA, but these are the main ones that patients will likely encounter.

Were you injured by a Da Vinci robot?

The Da Vinci Robot is a surgical device that performs a number of surgical procedures autonomously with minimal involvement of the actual surgeon. The Da Vinci Robot is touted as a fine-tuned device that allows for more precise and exact surgeries with a minimal amount of invasiveness. However, there have been problems reported pertaining to this device that patients need to know about.

Numerous patients have suffered injuries at the hands of the Da Vinci Robot. These injuries have resulted in surgical error lawsuits, some of which relate to the robot's failure to let go of the patient's tissues. Problems can also develop relating to the robot's surgical tips. When the silicone covers on the tips fall off, patients can suffer burns, organ tissue damage and other serious injuries. Also, some patients have reported failed hysterectomies resulting from improper sutures. There have even been cases of fatal injuries caused by the robot.

Your medical device may work fine, but can it be hacked?

In recent decades, modern medical science has provided patients with numerous ways to extend life and make life more comfortable. New medical devices come on the market all the time, and even though many fail, many others work as intended without causing patients any harm.

In fact, many pacemakers now provide doctors with real-time data that allows them to monitor their patients' condition more effectively using a wireless internet connection. You may have one of these devices and have peace of mind because your doctor can keep track of your condition to better control it. However, just as is the case with any other Wi-Fi enabled technology, your device may be vulnerable to hacking.

Pay attention to drug recalls to avoid getting hurt

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is constantly recalling drugs that have dangerous defects. Sometimes these defects are such that they could seriously injure or kill the patients who are taking the medication. As such, if you are taking any kind of medication on a regular basis -- you'll want to stay apprised to the latest news events pertaining to these medications. Just performing a weekly search on the name of the drug to check for recalls should be enough.

As an example of how important this simple act could be in terms of dangerous drug injury prevention, just look at the last four pharmaceutical and medical-related recalls reported by the FDA:

  • On Nov. 24, 2017, Sun Pharma Riomet was recalled. This Metformin Hydrochloride Oral Solution was found to have a microbial contamination of the Scopulariopsis Brevicaulis bacteria.
  • On Nov. 30, 2017, the Pharmacist Choice Alcohol Prep Pads were shown to have a lack of sterility.
  • On Dec. 19, 2017, Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection, manufactured by AuroMedics Pharma, was recalled because glass particles were discovered in this injectable solution.
  • On Dec. 22, Linezolid Injection Particulate, manufactured by AuroMedics, was recalled because of mold contamination.

Medical students are using papayas to do 'practice abortions'

Doctors and medical providers are concerned about the future legality of abortions. Regardless of your personal feeling about this highly controversial topic, the threat of abortions becoming illegal means that the procedure could go underground, resulting in illegal abortions performed by individuals who might not have appropriate medical training, or might not have the right kind of experience to be carrying these procedures. This could increase the threat of complications and injuries related to abortions.

Perhaps due to the controversial nature of abortions, many medical programs in the United States fail to offer detailed instruction pertaining to the abortion procedure. One group is hoping to make abortion procedures easier to safely perform by doctors who have been trained, and more accessible to people who want to receive one -- even if the procedure becomes illegal. The nonprofit group is holding special seminars where they teach how to use a simple kit that's portable and discrete to safely perform abortions in secret.

When sudden loss of a loved one leads to clinical depression

Every year, negligent drivers in Texas cause families and communities to suffer when fatal tragedies occur due to their hazardous behaviors. Learning that someone you love has succumbed to injuries suffered in a motor vehicle collision can make you feel as though the world has dropped out from underneath your feet. It's never easy to lose a loved one, even when the death is expected, such as with terminal illness.

However, if you recently suffered the sudden, quite unexpected and untimely loss of a loved one, it may intensify your grief all the more. Your own physical or mental health may be at risk due to utter shock and not being prepared to cope with such a devastating loss. Recovery can be a difficult, lengthy process, but may be possible if you access available support resources for guidance and assistance.

What causes aviation accidents?

Most aviation accidents are fatal without survivors. As such, they may give rise to a wrongful death claim. In the rare instance that a passenger or pilot survives a plane crash, however, the incident could give rise to a personal injury claim.

For either of these purposes, it's important for victims and family members to determine what caused the plane crash in order to identify at-fault and potentially-liable parties. Here are some of the common causes of plane crashes:

  • Pilot mistakes: A pilot might not have understood directions from the flight control tower when making a landing. Or, maybe the pilot misjudged wind conditions, failed to land the plane properly or made any number of errors that led to the plane crash. In these situations, a lawsuit to hold the pilot accountable could result if passengers suffered injury or death.
  • Equipment problems: Faulty equipment could lead to lawsuits against the airplane maker or parts manufacturer.
  • Violations of FAA regulations: These could result in a lawsuit against the pilot, the airport or some other party that violated aviation rules.
  • Design problems: The designer of an aircraft might be liable if design flaws caused a crash.
  • Traffic controller negligence: Traffic controller errors are the cause of numerous airplane crashes every year. In these situations, the airport could be liable for a crash.
  • Mechanical and maintenance problems: Mechanics and maintenance personnel could be liable if their failures or negligence leads to a crash.

Are you knee deep in pain?

If you remember hearing your grandfather talk about his bum knee, you may connect that with memories of him being unable to play ball with you in the yard or walk beside you while you rode your bike. You may remember him groaning in pain if he needed to pick something off the floor or stand up from his chair.

Then you began to feel the twinge in your own knee that gradually grew into a pain so debilitating you could hardly walk, and you understood what Grandpa was going through. Fortunately, doctors now have a way to bring new life to your old joints through knee replacement surgery. It may have seemed like an answer to your prayers until the trouble began.

Deadly drunk driving accident ends in criminal charges

You never know when you're sharing the road with a drunk driver until it's too late. Like all accidents, they happen when we least expect them to and the consequences can be life-altering and deadly.

A fatal accident like this happened in League City on a recent Saturday during the early morning hours at approximately 1:35 a.m. Close to the FM 518 exit ramp along Interstate 45, two cars collided. Authorities indicate that a 38-year-old man was speeding and moving in and out of his lane of traffic while operating a Nissan when he collided with a Jeep Wrangler being operated by a 22-year-old man.

When should a case be tried in federal court?

The question of whether a case should be tried in federal or state court is a question of jurisdiction. This is a legal term that refers to the court's authority to decide the case. In some situations, the state court where the parties are from will have full jurisdiction over the matter. In other cases, federal court will be the only option available.

For Texas residents and businesses operating in Texas, the vast majority of cases will be filed and resolved through the Texas court system. However, there are two situations in which your case will need to be filed and litigated in the federal court system:

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