Waco Day Care Abuse Lawyers

The dirty little secret in the day care industry is that many facilities and day care employees will go to extreme ends to keep children and vulnerable adults quiet and make the employees' jobs easier. Tactics ranging from physical abuse to using Benadryl and other drugs to sedate children are, unfortunately, all-too-commonly used by day care workers against those who have been entrusted to their care.

If you believe your loved one has been the victim of day care abuse in Waco or other parts of Texas, you need experienced attorneys fighting for the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

The Day Care Will Not Wait To Hire A Lawyer, And Neither Should You.

Insurance companies that represent day care owners employ attorneys and adjusters to protect them, so you should also have a lawyer on your side standing up for your interests.

The insurance company for the day care that is responsible for your loved one's injuries is already working on the case, and the more serious the injury, the more investigators it will send. Do not let the insurance company get a leg up. Delay is not your friend. The insurance carrier is betting that you will not know what to do, and will not reach out to someone who will.

We Put You On Even Footing With Day Care Owners And Insurance Companies

Reach out to us, and our trial lawyers will know exactly what to do to put you in the strongest position possible. We provide you with personal attention from experienced advocates who have a long history of success in complex property owner negligence cases.

If you retain our firm, there is no attorney fee unless we make a recovery on your behalf. This allows you to obtain the representation you need without putting an undue financial burden on your family during this difficult time.

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