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Byetta® is a drug taken by diabetic patients that has been linked to severe pancreatic problems. If you have taken Byetta® and have suffered acute pancreatitis, a swelling of the pancreas that may cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, contact our Byetta®lawyers today at 866-539-2648 for a free case evaluation. In October 2007, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)issued a public health alert after receiving reports that as many as 30 patients had developed significant pancreatic problems after using Byetta®. These problems included acute pancreatitis, which if not treated could be fatal. However, even if caught and treated, the patient could face life-long medical treatment. FDA Focuses on Byetta® DeathsRecently, the FDA reported six additional cases of patients who took Byetta®and suffered hemorrhagic or necrotizing pancreatitis. Of the six new cases, two patients died. We have asserted on behalf of our clients that the manufacturers' warnings were deficient. The FDA is now working with the manufacturers of Byetta to strengthen the warnings on the label. Since the inception of the FDA, people like you have trusted that the pharmaceutical products that they purchase or that have been prescribed were stringently tested and been found safe for consumption. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case for the consumer ingesting some pharmaceutical drugs or the doctors prescribing them. Pharmaceutical Companies Motivated by Profits, not Safety Taking full advantage of the public's need for new medicines and driven by profits, the pharmaceutical companies are pushing harder than ever before for quick FDA approval. The manufacturer of Byetta®had sales of over $600 million last year alone. Even though many people are suffering from serious injuries, the pharmaceutical companies now enjoy some of the largest profits in the world. We're Here to HelpHarrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones, P.C., a Texas law firm with a national reputation, has the expertise and the financial resources to fight the big pharmaceutical companies and bring them to justice. We have successfully handled numerous personal injury and product liability claims in Texas and throughout the United States, including cases dealing with drug companies and pharmaceutical litigation. Our Byetta® lawyers are available to answer your questions and pursue any claim you might have. Over the years, we have successfully represented patients injured by pharmaceutical drugs such as Vioxx, Digitek, Fen-Phen, Rezulin, Propulsid, Norplant, Prempro, Paxil birth defects, Trasylol, Gadolinium MRI dye and wrongful death lawsuits involving Methadone. HDSMJ Trial Lawyers currently represent individuals who have been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis after ingesting Byetta® and are taking new cases nationwide. Please call us today at 866-539-2648 or complete the intake form below and we will call you.