HDSMJ Fights For Clients Damaged by Metal Hip Replacement


DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a division of Johnson and Johnson, recalled its ASRTM XL Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement system on August 24, 2010. This recall came after data from a recent study indicated that the five-year failure rate of this product is approximately 13%, or 1 in 8 patients. DePuy identified reasons for the failure of the hip replacement system as component loosening, component malalignment, infection, fracture of the bone, dislocation, metal sensitivity and pain. Additional complications for the DePuy ASRTM XL Acetabular hip replacement system may include increased metal ion levels in the blood, bone staining, necrosis, swelling, nerve damage, tissue damage, and/or muscle damage.

The DePuy ASRTM XL Acetabular System first became available in 2005 in the United States. If you had a hip replacement surgery during or after 2005 and know you received a DePuy ASRTM XL Acetabular System, or if you are unsure what type of hip replacement system you received, contact us. You may entitled to compensation.

DePuy has recalled all DePuy ASRTM XL Acetabular systems, even if they have not yet failed. Unfortunately, if a DePuy ASRTM XL Acetabular system was used in your hip replacement surgery, you likely must have a second surgery to replace it. Even if you are not experiencing problems at this time, it is likely that the system could cause hip pain, difficulty walking, damage to the hip joint, and loss of bone cells. Thus, it may be necessary for you to have the system removed and replaced by another hip replacement system to avoid future problems.

We believe that DePuy is responsible for the damages caused by the ASRTM XL Acetabular hip replacement system's recall and should be held accountable. We can help.

If you, or a family member, or someone you know had a Depuy ASRTM XL Acetabular System used in their hip replacement surgery, please call us at 866-539-2648.