Drunk Driving Accidents

One minute, you're in control. The next, your world is turned upside down and you find yourself injured or a loved one ripped away from you due to an accident that was caused by a drunk driver. If this was not traumatic enough, you soon find yourself in over your head with an insurance company that seems designed to deny compensation and make life miserable.

During this overwhelming time, do not allow circumstances beyond your control ruin you. By retaining the services of the trial lawyers at Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones, P.C., you can concentrate on healing, and know that your case is in the hands of experienced advocates who can guide you on the road to justice.

From our office in Waco, we fight for the needs of clients throughout Texas who have had their lives forever changed by the irresponsible actions of someone who chose to drink and drive. When the insurance companies that attempt to minimize damages or withhold compensation find out that we represent the injured party, they are often quick to change their position. They know that we are proven trial attorneys who work tirelessly to protect our clients and ensure that they are treated fairly.

What The Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know

A major insurance company recently conducted a study and found that individuals represented by an attorney received, on average, at least double the amount of settlement than those without a lawyer. We will happily share this internal document with you, and provide you with all the information you need to make good decisions about your choice of attorney and how to pursue your legal options.

More About Drunk Driving Accidents In Texas

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), someone is seriously injured in a car crash in Texas approximately every two minutes. Additionally, someone dies in a motor vehicle crash approximately every 2 1/2 hours. A significant portion of these injury- and fatality-causing accidents is the result of drunk driving and DUI accidents; in 2012 alone, alcohol was a contributing factor in nearly one in every three fatal crashes.

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