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Big rigs, big collisions, big problems

Do you get nervous when you're driving on a busy Texas highway and tractor-trailers are soaring past you? If so, you're definitely not alone in your unrest; in fact, some drivers say they're utterly terrified of these big rigs and will often take alternate routes if it means they can avoid them. Although many tractor-trailer drivers adhere to the strict regulations that govern the commercial operations of such vehicles, it's the ones who don't that place you at greatest risk for injury.

Superbug deaths linked to contaminated endoscopes

You made your appointment; you wrote it on the calendar. Perhaps you already went to the drug store and purchased the many items your Texas doctor suggested to prepare for the big day: your colonoscopy. Whether this is your first procedure or you are a pro, it is never a pleasant experience. Now, there may be even more reasons to dread having a colonoscopy or any internal examination that uses a scope device.

Do you have grounds for a claim after a slip-and-fall accident?

A slip-and-fall accident can leave a Texas victim with serious, even debilitating injuries. If you fell, you know how the aftermath can leave you with both continued pain and financial losses as you seek medical care and recovery. You may feel both physical discomfort and embarrassment after an accident, but your slip-and-fall accident may not be your fault.

After West Fertilizer explosion, new safety rules stall

If you live north of Waco, Texas, you will probably never forget the devastating explosion at the West Fertilizer Company in 2013. Twelve first-responders died in the explosion, and three residents perished. Homes, businesses, apartment buildings, schools and hospitals were leveled, and the entire town of West was affected in some way. You probably suffered losses of your own on that tragic evening.

Has a defective defibrillator implant damaged your life?

You may fall into the same category as numerous other individuals who need some type of medical device in order to live your life as normally as possible. Because of the great strides in medical technology, even individuals with serious conditions can sometimes gain the ability to worry less about their health due to the devices provided to them. For instance, you may have a heart condition that requires an implanted defibrillator.

Floored by a pelvic mesh complication?

Between aging, having children or suffering any number of injuries, many women experience pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic mesh is an available treatment option for such issues. Unfortunately, as is true for all medical devices, complications can arise from the use of transvaginal mesh.

You thought you escaped the effects of asbestos -- until now

People once viewed asbestos as a wonder material. This naturally occurring group of minerals was fire, heat and chemical resistant. It also didn't conduct electricity. Because of these and other properties, numerous industries, such as construction, mining and manufacturing, used it, often in large quantities. Products containing asbestos were everywhere and people in numerous industries here in Texas and elsewhere worked with products that contained the material.

When taking a powder poses a cancer risk, it's a problem

If you think back to your high school chemistry class, you likely remember memorizing various combinations of elements, chemicals or minerals during your studies. For instance, if someone asks you what you get when you mix magnesium, oxygen and silicon together, you might say, "talc." Talc is an element commonly used to make products, such as powder. Manufacturers have used talc-based products for decades; in fact, many parents in Texas use such products on their babies' skin too keep them soft and dry.

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